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The Snap

SNAP is an innovative truss tool that revolutionises the attachment and organisation of cables and power outlets in truss constructions.

Because of its ease of use, SNAP saves time during set-up and dismantling. Cables can be laid significantly faster due to simple handling, which can be accomplished with one hand. SNAP also eliminates the need to remove old adhesive residues from your materials. Use of the reusable SNAP not only reduces your ongoing costs for adhesive tape, cable ties, etc., but also protects your materials by eliminating the rough tearing off of electrical tape attachments.
The clamp is compatible with all trusses and scaffolding having chord tubes measuring 48 mm to 51 mm. Mounting is also possible in otherwise unused brace areas.
SNAP is robust and hard-wearing. It is produced in Germany and is patent protected (Pat. Pend. 10 2017 106 520.2).

The goal of HSK-Schulte GmbH was to develop a tool for professionals: Easy to handle, economical to purchase, and durable and flexible in use. With SNAP, we believe we have achieved this goal.
Developed and produced in-house, SNAP stands one hundred percent for “Innovations with Plastic – Made in Germany”.

Three in One

Snap Funktion 01 Kabelfuehrung

1. Cable routing

· holds cables up to a total cross-section of approximately 950 mm²
· cable clamp with two locking-pins, lockable with one hand
· easy installation and removal of cables (possible with one hand)

Optional attachment of a rubber ring (O-ring)

· holds down individual cables directly on the chord tube
· possible to straighten cables by pulling them taut – axial resistance provided by rubber band
· no change in workflow; continuing easy installation and removal of cables (possible with one hand)

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Snap Funktion 02 Steckdosenhalter

2. Power socket holder

· permits easy clipping of the most popular multiple power socket strips
· no interference with the sockets
· 90° opening of the clamp for the power socket holder, so that plugs can be pulled out with one hand without detaching the clamp from the tube
· possible to use multiple SNAPs for long power socket strips

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Snap Funktion 03 Reibschutz

3. Abrasion protection

· divided clamp to hold suspension elements/wire cables with a diameter of up to 10 mm
· non-slip abrasion protection between truss and suspension element
· no damage to SNAP, due to protected space in the locking area

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SNAP is also available without a power socket holder, as SNAP light, and is available in the colours “aluminium finish” (silver) and “black”.

Snap by Snap

Contact Us

The Snap is a product of
HSK-Schulte GmbH

Eisenweg 1 / D-58540 Meinerzhagen

Tel.: (+)49(0)2354-9285-0

Contact partners: Herbert Schulte, Steffen Schulte

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